Heavy Equipment Maintenance, Repair, and Detailing Services

Maximize productivity with hassle-free maintenance

Avoid unnecessary down-time for your heavy equipment due to simple equipment repair or maintenance needs. Our heavy equipment maintenance team will help diagnose your problems, provide an estimated cost, and the repair or replace whatever parts need to be fixed. We understand that you lose money for every day your construction equipment is underutilized, so we take repairing and maintaining equipment seriously — ask about setting up a routine maintenance contract to protect equipment you own when you speak with our dispatch team.

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Mobile heavy equipment repairs from service technicians you can trust

Our mobile equipment repair truck will come to your site as soon as possible to help diagnose the issue with any of your construction equipment. We specialize in identifying repairs required for excavators, skid steers, track loaders, dump trucks, mini excavators, backhoes, UTVs, and crawler carriers. We can help secure loose tracks or entirely replace them, or we can diagnose engine problems or fix hydraulic fluid leaks — our mobile equipment repair and maintenance team has the experience and know-how to get your heavy duty equipment back to work.


Affordable heavy equipment detailing to make cleanup easier

Heavy Equipment Maintenance
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Working with heavy equipment in the construction industry means that tracks, panels, and even sometimes the equipment cab will be covered in dirt, mud, dust, and gravel. Let Rent1 heavy construction equipment detailing help you keep your machine in tip-top shape. We have all the detailing equipment and tools needed for care and maintenance so that you can get your heavy construction machinery cleaned up and ready for more work.

Equipment repair, maintenance, and detailing services FAQ

Ensure your equipment is running at peak performance with Rent1

Broken down construction equipment costs you money everyday that it’s not being used. Don’t lose money on faulty, unproductive equipment. Get an affordable equipment repair team to visit your site and get your heavy duty equipment back to work. We help clients with emergency equipment repairs, including motor maintenance and repairs, hydraulic line repair, fluid and track repair or replacement, and bucket and attachment repairs.

To make sure your earthmoving equipment is running at optimal capacity, ask about our equipment maintenance plans. We can set up an assessment based on your machine and then for a regular fee we provide regular maintenance and preventative maintenance to help you avoid repair calls. Our equipment rental yard has all the tools required to perform care and maintenance and get your equipment cleaned up and ready for the next job — if you need equipment detailing, give us a call to ask about pricing, pickup, and delivery options. In some cases, we will even come to your site to help.


What kind of equipment can you service?

We service heavy construction and earthmoving equipment, including skid steer repair, excavator repair, track loaders, dump trucks, front end loaders, mini excavator repair, crawler carrier, and backhoe repair.

What do you need to know before arriving to repair my equipment?

We’ll want to know the answer to the following list of questions in an email or over the phone:

  • What’s the problem?
  • What machine is it?
  • Where is it?
  • How long has the problem been happening?
  • What have you tried so far?
  • When do you need this fixed by?

How do maintenance contracts work?

After you have identified which machine you want covered by a maintenance contract, we will assess and report the machine age, hours, condition, and type to calculate a regular maintenance fee. Maintenance fees cover parts, labour, and site travel time for any breakdowns or repairs required for the month. We will also create a custom preventative maintenance checklist for you, so that you can minimize the risk of damages and emergency repair calls.

Can you provide a rental machine while mine is being repaired?

We can usually provide replacement equipment on a rental basis if your machine is out of service and you need to continue with your project.

What will I be charged for heavy equipment repairs and servicing?

We charge by the hour and for all parts and services, depending on the severity of the repair.

What areas do you service?

We can send our mobile earthmoving equipment repair team throughout the lower mainland in British Columbia, including Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Langley, Surrey, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, along the sea-to-sky highway, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack. Give us a call and ask about equipment repair and maintenance services in your area.

How long does equipment detailing usually take?

Typically detailing jobs can be done in a few hours. We get very busy in the summer season, so when you phone in to ask our dispatch team will provide an estimated timeline.

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