Articulated Truck Rentals

Articulated Dump Truck Rentals

Guaranteed lowest rental rates

Low hours Fast delivery

Need an operator? Save time and money with an experienced heavy equipment operator.


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Articulated Truck Rentals

Quick Delivery

Simple Ordering

Lowest Equipment
Rental Rates

Articulated dump truck rentals from $790/day. Cost-efficient, fast delivery.

Need an operator? Save time and money with an experienced heavy equipment operator.

How you get your job done faster, for less, when renting and articulated truck with Rent1:

Your clients don’t care where you get your dump truck or how you do the job. They just want it done, fast, and for a reasonable price.

But you can’t give them a great rate if you’re paying sky-high prices for your heavy equipment rentals. Plus, the state of some rented equipment… well, let’s just say not every company will take such great care of their equipment.

We, on the other hand, get to toot our own horn, because we have the best rates on earthmoving equipment rentals and attachments, and all of our equipment is top notch.


Here’s the Rent1 difference (your pockets will feel it):

  • We upgrade all of our rental equipment each year, so you’re always renting equipment with the lowest miles and the best performance capabilities
  • We rigorously inspect each piece of equipment and attachment both before and after every job, on top of telematics-led preventative maintenance
  • All of our contracts are flexible, since we know that jobs are as unpredictable as the weather you’ll work in. All you have to do to make a change to your rental agreement is give our representatives a call.
  • An extensive network of heavy equipment operators, with an average of 20 years operating all of our earthmoving equipment, even special attachments. If you need a job done, and fast, with expertise, hire one of our operators.

If you need an articulated dump truck delivered quickly to haul a massive load of dirt, gravel, sand, or construction debris, look no further than Rent1. We’re the number-one source for heavy equipment rentals in British Columbia because we offer the guaranteed lowest rental rate and provide easy ordering and ultra-fast delivery to any location in the lower mainland.

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