Hauling and Dump Truck Driving Services in the Lower Mainland

Dump truck driving for construction or landscaping jobs

We have the certified professional operators and dump trucks you need for any material handling job. Our smaller sized crawler carriers are great for residential or city park use, while our large industrial dump trucks, like the CASE 330B, is an excellent choice for commercial construction sites where you need to haul a heavy load of gravel, sand, dirt, or boulders. We make setting up an order fast and secure and of course only charge a fair price for the work required. Get a written estimate before you book dump truck service jobs from Rent1.

hauling and dump truck

Trailer transportation for mini excavators and skid steers

If you have hauling services needs for smaller equipment such as mini excavators or skid steers, give Rent1 a call. We have trucks and trailers and staff that knows how to operate and drive equipment so that it can be moved throughout British Columbia, including Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, Richmond, Chilliwack, and Abbotsford. Prices vary depending on equipment size and distance travelled. Our certified operators can load construction equipment for transportation and deliver it to your required job site.

Affordable rates, certified drivers and operators

hauling and dump truck driving services
hauling and dump truck driving services

Don’t let someone transport your equipment if they don’t understand how to operate it correctly. Too many times, clients will try to transport their equipment for a discounted price from an operator without the proper license required, and then end up paying double in repairs and maintenance due to operator error. Book online with Rent1 today to get access to our certified drivers and equipment operators with the trucks to transport equipment. That way you make sure your equipment is delivered fast and secure and you don’t have to worry about accidents due to inexperienced equipment operators.

Material Handling and Dump Truck Driving FAQ

Everything you need to know about dump truck driving services from Rent1

Rent1 hauling, material handling, and dump truck operation services range from residential lawn and garden projects to commercial and industrial-scale construction work. We can help you complete the job if you need a small crawler carrier to transport dirt from your backyard to a bin, or if you’re looking for a 25-ton dump truck to haul boulders out of an industrial excavation site. We’ve got the equipment and experience to get any hauling job done.

Our clients can take advantage of the largest fleet of heavy equipment at the guaranteed lowest rates, as well as certified operators that know the landscaping and construction industries. We’ll help you decide what equipment works best for your budget, and make sure to work within whatever schedule you set.


What kind of dump trucks and hauling equipment do you have available for rent?

We have a wide variety of dump truck rentals and hauling equipment rentals, including CASE articulated dump trucks, komatsu crawler carriers, and more. Let us know what materials you need transported and approximately the weight you need moved and we’ll supply the right truck for the work.

How can I avoid damaging my yard when using a dump truck?

Our tracked crawler dumpers are perfect for residential lawn and garden work because they minimize ground pressure to make sure that there is no footprint left behind when the job is done. Our dump truck drivers understand the importance of minimizing yard impacts and will advise the best route to avoid unwanted damage.

How much notice do you need before starting a hauling project?

We can usually start work in a day or two after your first email inquiry or phone call. Our dispatch team will work with you to schedule a start date for your hauling or dump truck project.

What areas do you service?

We service the lower mainland of British Columbia, including Vancouver, Langley, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission, and Chilliwack. We can also transport our equipment along the sea-to-sky highway, the gulf islands, victoria, and in some interior BC locations. Give us a call and we can try to help.

How do I know what kind of dump truck I need?

Our clients will often ask for advice about what truck is best for their project, depending on location, size, type, and weight of material transported, and spatial restrictions. When you email or call in, we’ll help you determine the best equipment for the work.

How does hauling and dump truck services from Rent1 save me money?

We offer the guaranteed lowest rates on rental equipment and operators. If you have a material handling project that requires an operator, we can work out a fair price for the equipment, operator, travel, and fuel charges.

Do you have small dump trucks for residential hauling?

Absolutely. We have a variety of small crawler carriers that are great for backyard lawn and garden work, and staff that can operate and drive them. 

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