House Demolition with John Deere 35D Mini Excavator

Demolition project of a small house in the Mission (Fraser Valley) BC area. The equipment used was primarily a John Deere 35D mini-excavator with a hydraulic thumb. This time lapse video was taken over an 8 hour span. Most of which was spent tearing away recyclable material. The house could have been demolished within about 4 hours if we were removing the garbage into 40 yard bins.


Land Clearing and Driveway Grading

This project included clearing brush and logs off an uneven surface of dirt in order to lay road mulch down to extend the driveway/parking lot. We used the blade on the mini-excavator to grade the surface to make it even. We dug a hole and made a pile of clean soil. then we graded around and then placed the clean soil over top for the bottom layer. Once the ground was flat, we used the John Deere 320D skid steer to place the road mulch into piles and then started back blading to smooth the gravel. Using road mulch is a great way for a solid surface of gravel. Once it rains it compacts making the surface very hard.