Custom Attachment Rentals

Custom Attachment Rentals

Guaranteed lowest rental rates

Low hours Fast delivery

Need an operator? Save time and money with an experienced heavy equipment operator.


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Custom Attachment Rentals

Quick Delivery

Simple Ordering

Lowest Equipment
Rental Rates

Upgraded and delivered attachments for excavators, skid steers, and front-end loaders

You may own your skid steer, excavator, or front end loader because they’re essential equipment on your farm or for your construction business, but attachments… they’re a different story.

They cost too much and require too much maintenance and storage to keep for yourself, but when you need them, boy, do you need them fast.

Driving an hour out of your way to get them, and not knowing what to expect, makes most rental equipment situations a hassle. But, we seek to eliminate that at Rent1, by offering:

  • Online order forms and signatures, so you don’t have to pick up your equipment in person.
  • Delivery and pick up of equipment to your job site (often available within a few hours from order)
  • On-site emergency repairs and replacements.
  • Equipment and attachments that are upgraded every year, to ensure optimal performance.

Oh, and since you may not be familiar with how to attach and use these skid steer, excavator, and front loader attachments, we offer a wide network of both service technicians and operators for hire.

This ensures you’ll always get the job done properly, safely, and efficiently with the right skills on board.

How does renting skid steer, track loader, and excavator attachments from Rent1 save you money?

If you’ve dealt with any of these before…

  • Minimum hour charges
  • Difficult and inflexible contracts
  • Ridiculous hourly fees
  • Massive transport fees

Then you already know the answer. We save you money because you don’t have to deal with any of that.

We transport and install your attachments, making sure they’re rigged and plumbed to fit your heavy equipment before we even ship it to your job site.

Our contracts are easy to change with a simple phone call and an online signature.
We charge by the day, not the hours, but with the lowest rates on rental attachments and equipment in Canada and the US, you don’t have to worry about going over or under hours.

Ask about brush cutters, grapple rod buckets, quick sweeps, roto-tillers, industrial claws, hydraulic breakers, post-pounds, and more. If it’s not on our site, we’ll work to find the attachment you need to complete your project.

Watch the video to see our skid steers & track loaders pushing land and moving dirt.


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