Crawler Dozer Rentals

Crawler Dozer Rentals

Guaranteed lowest rental rates

Low hours Fast delivery

Need an operator? Save time and money with an experienced heavy equipment operator.


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Crawler Dozer Rentals

Quick Delivery

Simple Ordering

Lowest Equipment
Rental Rates

Crawler dozer rentals from $750/day. Rent online now. Need an operator? Save time and money with an experienced heavy equipment operator.

How does renting a crawler dozer from Rent1 save you time and money?

Got a lot of dirt work? You’ve likely seen rates of $900 per day and up to rent crawler dozers, charges for travel time, and enormous transport fees. All for a machine that may have high mileage and potentially hasn’t been serviced in a while.

Staring at those costs (especially when you have a lot of work to do), you might feel it’s better just to get your own machine.

But hold up… you don’t have to resort to the heavy costs of maintenance, storage, and insurance that come with ownership if you rent your crawler dozer from Rent1.

We make it fast, easy, convenient, and affordable with:

  • Transport of all heavy equipment to and from your job site
  • Flexible contracts that are easy to change with a phone call and online signature
  • Online ID verification so you don’t have to travel to and from our warehouse
  • Emergency on-site emergency equipment repairs and replacement
  • Numerous attachments for rent (blades, winches, snow pushes…)
  • The lowest hour machines at the best rates in British Columbia

Now, you may just be clearing a field of small trees. Or, you’re a contractor working on a landscaping, oil and gas, mining, or industrial job site.

Either way, you may need an experienced hand to work a crawler dozer. You can probably handle a lot of stuff on your own, but when an operator can dig a trench, lay 100 feet of pipe and some water line, backfill it with stone and refill the trench all before noon, you know it’s worth it.

For that, we have an extensive network of heavy equipment operators for hire, all with an average of 20+ years experience.

And when you hire an operator, you get 50% off your machine delivery as well.

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