Bin Rentals

Bin Rentals

Rent 1 now offers guaranteed rates on disposal bin rentals. You can now get the level of service you’ve been enjoying with heavy equipment rentals. We carry multiples of all bin sizes from 5 to 90 cubic yards.

You can also rent narrow bins for those hard to fit spaces.

Rent1 is committed and will only charge for the weight of the bin you rent. We will never charge more than what you fill up. We also charge the same rate for ALL bins. All bin sizes start at $249.

Our rates include delivery, pickup and 7 day rental (starting from $249 + tax + delivery). You’ll just pay for the dump fees.

Bins Available For Rent

5 yard bins

yard bin

Capacity = 2 trucks.

2 trucks icon

12 yard bins

yard bin

Capacity = 4 trucks.

4 trucks icon

16 yard bins

yard bin

Capacity = 6 trucks.

6 trucks icon

20 yard bins

yard bin

Capacity = 7 trucks.

7 trucks icon

30 yard bins

yard bin

Capacity = 10 trucks.

10 trucks icon

40 yard bins

yard bin

Capacity = 14 trucks.

14 trucks icon

80 yard bins

yard bin

Capacity = 28 trucks.

28 trucks icon

90 yard bins

yard bin

Capacity = 36 trucks.

36 trucks icon

What you can dispose with your bin rental

bin usage cardboard


Cardboard has to be rcycled in a separate container. We will make sure all cardboard gets recycled in the right manner. Please call us and arrange pickup with an expert.

bin usage concrete


Concrete can only be disposed of with other similar products like asphalt, gravel and cement. If you have bricks and other masonry materials contact us to see if you can mix everything in one bin.

bin usage dirt


We put dirt in bins called rockboxes. All materials in rockboxes get recycled because we don’t want it in landfills. If you need soil removed, call us first at 604-449-9848.

bin usage drywall


Consider our 10, 20, 30 cubic yard disposal bins for drywall removal. Unfortunately, most drywall in North America is disposed of in landfills. Rent1 will make sure that what can be recycled will be.

bin usage household garbage

Household garbage

We take all household junk and take to a facility where it can be recycled. Depending on what you want removed, all of our bin sizes are good for household junk.

bin usage metal


Recycking bins are available for metal, cooper, stell, aluminium and scrap metals. We have 10, 20, 30 and 40+ yard bins to accommodate your metals.

bin usage papper


Like cardboard, paper is easy to recycle. We work with recycling facilities to reduce the amount of paper sent to landfills. Call one of your experts to see what types of paper you can toos in our bins

bin usage renovation debris

Renovation debris

We can take most renovation debris from your job site. Just call of our experts and let us know what you’ll be throwing away.

bin usage roofing tear off

Roofing tear off

We work very closely with homeowners to ensure theri roof waste is disposed of propertly. We take cedar shakes, torch on membrane and sphalt shingles for recycling. Call and ask us how we can help you re-roof your property.

bin usage wood


Need wood and nails removed? No problem. We recycle wood and pass on the savings on to you. We recycle plywood, veneer, old furniture, old shelds, wood and more.

Call us and get everything done in one place. Our trucks can get into all sorts of spaces without issues.

Our bin rental solution is truly the most complete way to remove garbage and waste.

What you can not dispose with your bin rental

glass icon


oil icon

Oil & Grease

cutlery icon


pear icon

Organic waste

monitor icon


car icon

Scrap cars