Rental Terms & Agreement

Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement

The undersigned (hereinafter referred to as “Renter”) hereby assumes all responsibility for any and all damages or loss to all rental equipment and agrees to pay full cost of all repairs if it is in any way rendered damaged or out of service, whether this occurred through accident, neglect or misuse. In case of loss or destruction of equipment or loss of possession thereof or inability to return same to WESCAN RENTALS INC. the Renter agrees to pay WESCAN RENTALS INC. the complete and full value of equipment in cash.

The Renter agrees to compensate WESCAN RENTALS INC. for the amount of above stated rental rates for each day, week or month consumed while the equipment is in the process of recovery or repair.

The Renter declares to have examined rented equipment and to have received it in good working condition.

The Renter hereby absolves WESCAN RENTALS INC. and its owners of any responsibility or obligation in the event of accident, regardless of causes or consequences, and that any costs, claims, court or Page 1/2 attorney’s fees or liability resulting from the use of rented equipment will be indemnified by the renter regardless against whom the claimant or claimants institute action.

The Renter agrees that all charges for rentals will be paid in advance, (unless otherwise agreed) of above described equipment and that all collection fees, attorney fees, court costs or any expenses involved in the collection of rental charges will be borne by the renter.

The Renter further agrees that WESCAN RENTALS INC. may terminate this rental agreement at any time and demand return of all rented equipment and payment in full of all rental owing, in which case the renter agrees to return said equipment and pay said rentals in full.

The rental rate will be charged from the time equipment leaves our premises until it is returned to same.

Renter will pay cleaning charges on rental equipment returned unclean.

The Renter warrants the above information to be correct and hereby agrees to the conditions printed elsewhere on this agreement.

For rentals exceeding intended ‘Rental period’, The Renter must give 24 hours notice for machine pickup request.

The amount of initial rental plus a $1000 deposit is required payable by credit card.

Renter is required to have necessary insurance coverage, and is responsible for fuel, delivery/pickup, damages, and maintenance.

Greasing is required every 8 hours of machine use. Special attachments should be maintained as per manufacturer recommendations.

The Renter declares that only a qualified operator will use rented equipment.

Before you dig call BC 1 Call @ 1-800-474-6886 to check for gas/hydro/utility lines.

Day = 8hrs | Week = 40 hours (5 days for Attachments) | Month = 28 Days = 160 Hours

All rentals will be charged at daily, weekly, or monthly rental rates for each equipment or attachment rental. Renter agrees that rentals will be not be pro-rated. Example: a 9 day rental is 1 x week rate and 2 x day rate.

There will be a fuel charge of $1.95 per litre to refuel.

Equipment Remains on rent until you call us for pickup or it is returned to us.

Occasionally, additional equipment may be required or exchanged. The terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement are applicable to all subsequent rentals whether requested verbally or electronically by Renter. To prevent unwarranted damage disputes, upon delivery of equipment the Renter MUST take photos to record its condition. Renter must report damage (cosmetic or mechanical) immediately. Overdue accounts subject to service charge of 2% per month. GST/HST # 84202 9175 RT0001