Tractor Rentals

Tractor Rentals

Get the lowest rates on tractor trailer rentals in Canada, guaranteed. Our simple ordering and quick delivery is specifically designed to get you on the job fast, without unnecessary or hidden fees.



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Why Rent a Tractor from Rent 1?

Besides guaranteeing that our prices are the lowest you’ll find for tractor rentals anywhere near you, we want to go beyond this promise.

Downtime is one of the largest cost draining issues for any farm, agriculture, or construction business. When your machine breaks down, we know you need a fast replacement- whether it’s as a supplement during repairs or a longer solution.

That’s why we’ve made ordering heavy recruitment rentals as easy and affordable as possible.

All of our tractors have low operating hours, and are consistently maintained to ensure the highest operational efficiency at all times. With a variety of custom tractor attachments- for plowing, cultivating, fertilizing, planting, or harvesting- and the power and performance of our top of the line earthmoving machines, you’ll tackle all of your landscaping projects with ease.

To top our own heavy equipment rental options, at Rent1, you can also hire an operator to carry out your short or long term jobs.

Want to rent a tractor at the lowest rates in Canada? Order from Rent1 today!