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Commercial construction demolition experts servicing the lower mainland

Rent1 provides affordable demolition services within Vancouver and across the lower mainland — Surrey, Richmond, Delta, Burnaby, Langley Abbotsford, and Chilliwack. We can complete commercial, industrial, residential, and municipal demolition work for you at a fair price with all  construction equipment, attachments, and operators included. With our fast and easy online submission, you can provide the details of your job to get the ball rolling in minutes. Get your demolition job done fast and on budget with Rent1 residential and commercial demolitions service.

heavy earth moving equipment

Take care of residential demolition needs safely at a fair price

Whether you’re completing interior demolition, commercial building demolition, or tearing down an old garage in your backyard, we can take care of the work efficiently and affordably. Our demolition project experts can provide you with an estimate for the cost of work before any equipment is shipped to the exterior demolition site. Safety is our number one priority, which is why we equip cab guards and proper demolition attachments and ensure a safe worksite before beginning any structural demolition or building tear-downs.

Wide variety of heavy equipment and demolition attachments

heavy earth moving equipment
heavy earth moving equipment

As a heavy equipment company, we have access to the largest fleet of heavy equipment in the lower mainland of British Columbia, meaning we can get large excavators with demolition attachments and breakers at the most competitive price for industrial demolition projects. If you need equipment for a smaller demolition project, we can help determine which excavators or construction equipment is best suited for your job, taking spatial restrictions and machine weight into account.

Rent1 Demolition Services FAQ

What can you expect with Rent1 commercial and residential demolition?

Rent1 demolition services can take care of residential, commercial, and industrial sized jobs throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia. We help homeowners tear down old garages and sheds, and we help commercial contractors demolish apartment buildings and municipal structures. If you have a demolition project at hand, give us a call to organize demolition equipment rentals with operators who are certified and experienced.

With demolition services from Rent1, you get access to a large variety of excavators from top brands such as John Deere, CAT (caterpillar), Komatsu, and Hyundai. We cab guard our large demolition excavators to ensure operator safety and avoid the risk of machine damage. Use our simple online ordering to get fast delivery and an estimated cost on equipment rentals with operators based on your project’s needs.


What kind of equipment can you provide for demolition services?

We have the largest selection of earth moves and excavator rentals for demolition at the guaranteed lowest rates, and we have certified operators who know how to use them. Get 15-35 ton excavators depending on the size and scope of the work.

What kind of demolition attachments are available?

We have access to hydraulic breakers that can be plumbed and rigged for our excavators. These help with concrete breaking or other breaking materials into smaller chunks so that it can be loaded into buckets, bins, and dump trucks.

How do I know what kind of equipment I need for me demolition project?

Often times, residential customers aren’t sure what kind of an excavator will be necessary for their project. That’s why we ask for photos of the job site, and dimensions of the structure that will be demolished. Our dispatch team can help you find the right, most affordable, option for your demolition project.

How much notice do you need before beginning work?

Demolition jobs can usually begin a few days after your first inquiry, depending on location, equipment requirement, and demolition operator availability. Give us a call or send an email and we will organize a timeline that works for everyone.

What areas do you service?

We provide demolition services throughout the lower mainland in British Columbia, including excavating in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Langley, Surrey, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, along the sea-to-sky highway, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack. Give us a call and we can arrange demolition services in your area.

How can Rent1 save me money on demolition projects?

We are a heavy equipment rental shop with access to a large variety of excavators for residential demolition and lot clearing, and industrial demolition heavy equipment. We can work out an affordable quote for your work that includes the heavy equipment rental, an operator, delivery and pickup, as well as fuel.

How long will a residential demolition project take?

Demolition and waste removal project duration will vary depending on size and scope. Some small residential projects take, such as demolishing a shed, will typically only take one day.

Will there be any unexpected damage to my property or yard?

No. We will take every measure possible to ensure your yard and property look spectacular when the job is finished. We have a large variety of tracked excavators for demolition that minimizes ground pressure so that surfaces don’t take any unnecessary damage.

Do I risk damaging any electrical lines or other utilities?

Before any demolition job can begin, you must unhook all utilities and you or your contractor must contact BC One Call (BC1C online or 1-800-474-6886) to check if it is safe for demolition. BC One Call will provide maps with all underground utilities so that you can avoid damaging a sewer line, water line, or any electrical or underground cables.

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