Utility Vehicle Rentals

Utility Vehicle Rentals

Guaranteed lowest rental rates

Low hours Fast delivery

Need an operator? Save time and money with an experienced heavy equipment operator.


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Utility Vehicle Rentals

Quick Delivery

Simple Ordering

Lowest Equipment
Rental Rates

Simple online ordering and fast delivery. Need an operator? Save time and money with an experienced heavy equipment operator.

How renting a UTV or XUV from Rent1 saves you money

When you need to transport materials to and from your job site, you need something fast, without hassle, and without the huge price tag (you have to make a profit after all).

The last thing you want to do is spend time traveling to and from a rental location or spend time calling around to several different sites to find the equipment and vehicles you need.

That’s why we offer:

  • Online ID verification and rental agreement signing
  • Rental equipment pickup and delivery (at 50% off if you hire an operator)
  • On-site emergency equipment repair and replacement
  • Yearly upgraded low-mile heavy equipment
  • No minimum hour charges
  • Fast and painless online ordering with a simple form
  • Flexible contracts, since you never know when the job will be done
  • A network of operators for hire with 20+ years of experience on average

Whether you’re hauling materials on or off-site, or just want a rugged vehicle for a camping trip (seriously, we’ve rented our UTVs out for such occasions), you’ll find the best rates with us.

And don’t worry about whether or not our UTVs and XUVs can handle your toughest jobs or the rough terrain. We run them through rigorous inspections before and after each rental, conduct thorough maintenance, as well as upgrade our equipment every year.

Translation: you’ll get the best equipment, at the best rate, without the hassle of hourly rental restrictions.

Check out how much you’ll save by renting a UTV and XUV, with Rent1.

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