Riding Mower & Lawn Care Equipment Rentals

Riding Mower & Lawn Care Rentals

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Riding Mower & Lawn Care Equipment Rentals

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Fast delivery, lowest equipment rental rates in British Columbia.

How renting lawn and garden equipment from Rent1 saves you time and money

When you have a job to do, you just need to get the job done well and fast. But most garden equipment rental experiences in British Columbia (and everywhere else for that matter) are extremely inconvenient, costly, and you never really know what you’re going to get – someone could have beaten the equipment to ineffective and you wouldn’t know it until it craps out on you halfway through digging a coy pond.

We’ve been there… which is why we changed up the way you lease used lawn and garden maintenance equipment.

When you rent equipment with Rent1:

  • You can select your equipment, fill out your order form, verify your ID, and sign agreements all online. There’s no need to appear in person.
  • There also isn’t a need to pick up your equipment rentals. We can deliver riding mowers, excavators, track loaders, crawler carriers, and other landscaping equipment straight to your job site.
  • We upgrade all of our equipment every year, so you’re always renting low-mile machines, and the latest models of the best brands (such as Caterpillar, Marooka, or John Deere).
  • All of our contracts are flexible, because we know that the length of a job is never certain. You can amend your contract with a simple call to our operators.
  • We guarantee the lowest rates on landscaping and garden equipment in all of British Columbia.

Whether you’re simply maintaining a lawn or garden (cutting grass, clearing weeds), maintaining entire city parks, or preparing tracks and fields, our earthmoving fleet is at your disposal.

Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll find you the best lawn care equipment for the work to be done.

Consider hiring Rent1 landscaping services for your park maintenance or lawn and garden project and we’ll send out a professional equipment operator who can get the job done efficiently at high quality.

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