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    The Ditch Witch HX75 provides high power and efficient performance for all mid-to-large sized non-destructive excavation, digging, slot trenching, potholing, HDD fluid cleanup, posthole digging, and spoil suction and cleanup projects. Save money on transportation when you hire an operator from Rent1 to help you with your hydrovac excavation work. This vacuum excavator comes with either a 500-GAL (1,893-L) or 800-GAL (3028-L) spoils tank and 200-GAL or 400-GAL water tank. The Ditch Witch HX75 is built with a 74-hp EPA Tier-4 diesel engine that provides plenty of power, 1,315-cfm to the blower and 3,000psi for the water system.

    Increased fuel efficiency and a 30-GAL (113.6L) fuel tank helps improve productive hours in a day by significantly reducing the need for re-fuels. Soft excavation and underground non-destructive digging projects are much easier with the power of the HX75 vacuum excavator rental. Similar to smaller Ditch Witch models, the low-profile design helps increase lines of sight for operators. Standard model dimensions of the HX75 are 87.9” (2.23m) in height, 96” (2.44m) in width, and 232.1” (5.9m) in length. Noise levels are compliant for most residential projects, with a sound power dBA of 107 and sound pressure dBA of 87. Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) for the base model of the HX75 is 17,000 lbs (7,711kg). Size and weight of the hydrovac excavation trailer increase as tank capacities increase.

    • The HX75 vacuum excavator is built with Ditch Witch 3-stage cyclonic filtration helping with HDD fluid cleanup or construction and residential project debris cleanup and removal.
    • Make fast work of potholing, slot trenching, and non-destructive excavation work with this hydrovac’s powerful 3,000psi water system and 1,315-cfm blower.
    • EPA Tier-4 74-horsepower diesel engine manufactured by Kubota.
    • Water hose reel (locking) is 50ft (15.2m).
    • Wide range of motion, optional jib boom or power boom offers 330-degrees of rotation (self-locking gear).
    • 4” (102mm) suction hose, polyester filter area of 73ft2.
    • Various capacity options available: 500 or 800-GAL spoils tank and 200 or 400-GAL water tanks.
    • Easily offload spoil with reverse-flow technology on the Ditch Witch vacuum excavator.
    • Outlet valve size on the vacuum tank is 6” (152mm).
    • 2,500psi hydraulic system pressure, 10-GAL reservoir.
    • Simple maintenance during use as components are available behind panels.
    • Easy to get positioning for potfoling and slot trenching with 45-degree tilt angle.
    • Optional work lights attached for night-time use or areas with little daylight.
    • GVWR of 17,000lbs. (7,711kg)
    • Sound power 107 dBA, sound pressure 87 dBA
    • Vacuum excavation equipment & trailers can be brought to your worksite on short notice, ask us about heavy equipment operators available to hire.

    Ditch Witch HX75


    Water Tank Capacity (standard)

    200GAL (400GAL available)

    Spoil Tank Capacity (standard)

    500GAL (800GAL available)

    Weight (GVWR, standard)

    7,711kg (17,000lbs.)

    Overall Width (standard)

    8’ (2.44m)

    Overall Height (standard)

    7’3 (2.23m)

    Water Hose Reel

    50’ (15.2m)


    What can you do with a

    Ditch Witch HX75 Vacuum Excavator System rental?

    • Spoil suction and cleanup
    • HDD fluid cleanup
    • Residential and commercial construction debris cleanup
    • Potholing
    • Slot trenching
    • Posthole digging
    • Hydro Vacuum excavation projects
    • Powerwashing
    • Non-destructive excavation and landscaping
    • Sewage work
    • Underground digging and trenching
    • Valve-box and utility-vault cleanout work


    Q. How heavy are the trailers if I get an upgraded water tank or spoil tank capacity?

    Trailer GVWR rises with each capacity upgrade:

    • 500 GAL SPOILS / 200 GAL Water – 17,000lbs. (7711kg)
    • 800 GAL SPOILS / 200 GAL Water – 20,000lbs. (9072kg)
    • 800 GAL SPOILS/ 400 GAL Water – 24,000lbs. (10,886kg)

    Our equipment specialists can help you decide what capacity and weight is required for your job.

    Q. Where are you located and what are your working hours?

    Our rental yard is located in Langley, British Columbia, and our working hours are from 9:00am–6:00pm pacific standard time. Our head office is located in Vancouver.

    Q. How do I end my rental?

    It’s very simple. As soon as you’re done with your rental equipment, call or text one of our administrators at 604-359-6057 to close your rental period. Make sure that you’ve refilled the fuel gauge to the same amount it was at prior to your usage, and that the machinery is clean and free from any compiled residue from your previous job. Lastly, take the same pictures as you did before your rental and send them over to us to confirm that everything is in the same condition. Then, just leave the keys out of sight or under the mat so that one of our staff members can pick up the equipment.

    We provide quick delivery on all skid steer loader rentals, excavator rentals, compact excavator and mini excavator rentals, vacuum excavators, dozer rentals, dump trucks, crawler carrier, compact track loader, and backhoe rentals throughout the Lower Mainland of Greater Vancouver. See our delivery rates and our daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates for more details.

    Don’t know how to operate a hydraulic excavator? Take advantage of our Rent1 safety training program! Learn about the uDig Experience to get proper safety training for operating heavy
    construction rental equipment and landscaping rental equipment.


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    Additional information

    Weight 24790 kg
    Digging Depth

    23’11” (7.28m)

    Digging Reach

    37’7” (11.45m)


    49,950 kg (110,220 lbs.)

    Lift Capacity

    21,910 kg (48,303 lbs.)

    Horse Power

    359 hp (268kW)

    Overall Width

    12’4” (3.77m)