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    Machine summary


    The M7060 is a smaller front loading tractor designed to handle large and small farm operation tasks such as stacking round bales, clearing snow, brush hogging, discing, and more- from the comfort of luxury seats and ergonomic controls.

    What helps this tractor stand out from the rest on the market is the state of the art hydraulics system. It’s external hydraulic cylinders- which have two positions that grant an extra 10% in lift capacity- not only make maintenance easier, but have superior lifting power over others in its class.

    The large pump capacity of 16.2 gpm for the F12/R12 models are another attractive feature, since it reduces cycle times and helps to keep you productive for longer periods.

    Another important differentiation is the 540E PTO on the M7060. In E position, you’ll be able to run your engine at a lower RPM to reach 540 back to your implement. Essentially, it’ll reduce both fuel consumption and noise.

    It has 5 horsepower less than it’s John Deere equivalent, but it’s able to put out the same amount of power and carry out the same amount of work with a more efficient driveline and transmission.

    When you add it all up, it’s a more reliable machine with the versatility every hobby farmer and large farm operation needs.


    Power: M7060 4WD models have an F12/R12 transmission for heavy-duty work like plowing and hay work. You’ll also see faster front loader cycle times thanks to the 16.2gpm pump capacity.

    Efficiency: The Kubota M7060 has a fuel tank capacity of 23.8 gallons (90 liters), saving you time on refueling and increasing the work hour. Thia model also features a Common Rail System with Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Diesel Particulate Filter for more economical performance.

    Versatility: The larger front tire size (95.-24) and rear tire size (16.9-30) decrease slippage, making it the ideal machine, even in muddy or snowy conditions.


    Specs M7060

    Operating Weight

    5248 lbs (2370kg)/5380 lbs (2380 kg)

    Horse Power


    Max Forward Speed

    25 mph

    Overall Width

    6’1” (1.86m)

    Load Body Width

    Max Payload

    6393 lbs (2900 kg)


    What can you do with it?

    • Stacking round bales
    • Snow clearing
    • Maintaining driveways
    • Plowing
    • Maintaining property trails
    • Moving and piling large rocks and heavy trees
    • Brush hogging
    • Discing
    • Planting green fields and mass plots (like chufa)


    Q. What should I do when I receive my rental?

    As soon as your rental is delivered, we recommend taking photos of the exterior and cab for your records. Check out our tutorial video on how to take these photos before you start operating your equipment.

    Q. What should I do if I accidently damage the machine?

    If you happen to damage any of the machinery, it’s important that you take pictures of the damages right away. If the damages seem extreme or prevent the machinery from functioning normally, avoid further use. Above everything else, your safety is top priority. Then report the damages by contacting us at 604-359-6057. At Rent1, we appreciate your honesty. If you preemptively report damages that require repairs, we’ll waive off the rental fee for any additional days needed while the machinery is being repaired. For more details, check out our video tutorial on how to report damages.

    Q. Where are you located and what are your working hours?

    Our rental yard is located in Langley, British Columbia, and our working hours are from 9:00am–6:00pm pacific standard time. Our head office is located in Vancouver.

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    Additional information

    Weight 25500 kg
    Digging Depth

    20’1” (6.12m)

    Digging Reach

    31’7” (9.62m)


    25,500 kg (56,167 lbs.)

    Overall Width

    9’10” (2.99m)

    Horse Power

    159 hp (119 kW) @ 1,900rpm

    Lift Capacity

    3,940 kg (9,135 lbs.)