John Deere 26G

John Deere 26G

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    The John Deere 26G was engineered with commercial/residential building, underground, landscaping, and other heavy-duty endeavors in mind. Deere incorporated an impressive 14.5 hp (10.8 kW) and 20.0 hp (14.9 kW) Final Tier 4/ EU Stage IV diesel engine and eliminated the complex after-treatment systems. 

    Plus, the quiet engine makes operators’ work all the more smooth running and allows for work at any time and place. 

    The 26G operator’s station is similar to the 35G with its heat-only cab or open station and provides increased visibility due it its hinge position. Additionally, the door’s width was increased over three inches to facilitate exit and entry to the cab. 

    In this model, Deer offers an additional 2 ½ inches for your feet and 40% more glass in the cab to ensure comfort during long hours of work. 

    The 26G stays true to its series of excavators offering extended fluid and lubrication intervals, with an oil-impregnated boom, bucket, and arm bushings for smooth-running systems throughout.

    And let’s not forget all other standard gadgets you get with these models like a pattern changer, backfill blade, mechanical wedge-style quick couple, and auxiliary hydraulics. Plus, the 26G’s predictable and smooth hydraulic controls fit for operators of all skill levels.

    Power: With 20 horsepower at 2,500 RPMs, you won’t need additional emissions after treatment with the 26G. This combination offers remarkable power and reduces costs with its no diesel particulate filter or need for diesel emission fluid and maintains extraordinary breakout force.

    Efficiency:  The 26G was designed for efficiency. Deere lowered the weight of this machine by 600 pounds to 2.6 metric tons, meaning the engine is no longer exposed to the stresses of a long arm and steel tracks. This translates to convenience and adaptability at its finest.

    Visibility:  The 26G offers outstanding visibility with added glass in the cab, just as large as the Deere 35G unit. The front window is 2 inches wider and 6 inches taller. And the inside monitor showcases two useful metrics, hours and fuel.

    Versatile: This compact machine is vast in versatility and will get you where you need to be. Thanks to its small stature and rubber tracks, you can nimbly navigate it and its reduced-tail-wind and independent wind boom, too, with 360° rotations. The best thing about the 26G is its power, versatility in how operators can efficiently work through tight spaces and dodge obstacles of any size.

    John Deere 26G


    Operating Weight

    2,770 kg (6,110 lb)

    Horse Power

    20 hp (14.9kW) @ 2,500rpm

    Max Forward Speed

    4.5kph (2.8mph)

    Overall Width

    1500mm (4 ft 11 in)

    Load Body Width

    Max Payload

    What can you do with a

    John Deere 26G Mini Excavator rental?

    • Plowing snow
    • Digging holes
    • Making small trenches.
    • Demolishing small structures.
    • Repairing sewer lines.
    • Landscaping work.
    • Digging swimming pools or garden ponds.


    Q. Where are you located and what are your working hours?

    Our rental yard is located in Langley, British Columbia, and our working hours are from 9:00am–6:00pm pacific standard time. Our head office is located in Vancouver.

    Q. How many hours can I use my equipment rental for each day?

    Our machine rental rates operate on an eight-hour workday. So eight hours per day, 40 hours per week, and 160 hours per month. All machines come with a digital display that shows how many hours have been used on the machine. Make sure you record the hours when you receive the machine and record them again when you have finished your project.

    Q. How do I end my rental?

    It’s very simple. As soon as you’re done with your rental equipment, call or text one of our administrators at 604-359-6057 to close your rental period. Make sure that you’ve refilled the fuel gauge to the same amount it was at prior to your usage, and that the machinery is clean and free from any compiled residue from your previous job. Lastly, take the same pictures as you did before your rental and send them over to us to confirm that everything is in the same condition. Then, just leave the keys out of sight or under the mat so that one of our staff members can pick up the equipment.

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    Product Info

    John Deere 26G

    John Deere 50G

    John Deere 50G

    John Deere 60G

    John Deere 60G

    Digging Depth10’ (3.06m)11’7” (3.53m)12’4” (3.77m)
    Digging Reach17’1” (5.21m)19’7” (5.96m)20’5” (6.23m)
    Weight3520 kg4790 kg6145 kg
    Overall Width5’9” (1.74m)6’7” (2.0m)6’7” (2.0m)
    Horse Power23.3 hp (17.4 kW) @ 2,400rpm35.9 hp (26.8 kW) @ 2,400rpm53 hp (39.6 kW) @ 2,000rpm
    Lift Capacity1586 kg (3,453 lbs.)Up to 2511 KG (5,531 lb.)Up to 3785 KG (8,345 lbs.)

    Additional information

    Weight3520 kg
    Digging Depth

    10’ (3.06m)

    Digging Reach

    17’1” (5.21m)


    3,520 kg (7,760 lbs.)

    Overall Width

    5’9” (1.74m)

    Horse Power

    23.3 hp (17.4 kW) @ 2,400rpm

    Lift Capacity

    1586 kg (3,453 lbs.)