Hyundai HL955 TM Wheel Loader

Hyundai HL955 TM Wheel Loader


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    The Hyundai HL955 TM wheel loader is a powerful, efficient, and productive piece of construction equipment, with a net engine power of 197hp. The forward travel speed of 38.5km/h and reverse speed of 24.3 km/hr makes this an effective and fast wheel loader for navigating across all types of surfaces, including pavement and grass, as well as rough terrain such as rocks and hard dirt. This wheel loader rental provides high performance and value, with 10% lower fuel consumption than previous models. Get the guaranteed lowest rental rate when you rent any earthmoving equipment from Rent1 and hire an experienced operator to enjoy professional quality work on your construction site or for a residential project.

    This is a rugged and reliable construction machine, designed to be comfortable and easy to use It has a rear-view camera, viewable through the widescreen monitor, that helps improve visibility, safety, and precision. This machine is ideal for use in agriculture projects, forestry, oil & gas, public works, road construction, scrap yards, utilities, waste, and for any heavy material handling needs. The operating weight of the HL955 TM is 15,600kg (34,390lb.). Hyundai wheel loaders are known to have some of the quietest cabs in the construction equipment industry today. If you need a more compact wheel loader rental with a lighter operating weight, check out the next size down, our Hyundai 940TM Wheel Loader.

    Power: With an operating weight of 15,600kg (34,390lb.) and a bucket break-out force of 10,830kg (23,880 lb.), this wheel loader for rent brings high power and reliable performance. The bucket capacity (heaped) is 2.7 cubic meters, allowing you to lift large loads of sand, gravel, and other materials to a dump clearance of 9’4”.

    Efficiency: Hyundai eco gauge functionality allows operators to monitor fuel consumption in real time, as well as engine torque, total and average consumption, and efficiency rates. This helps operators understand how to reduce fuel burn to better plan for tough material handling jobs, decreasing the amount you’ll spend on fuel for the heavy equipment.

    Visibility: All-around glass windows and an integrated rear-view camera gives full visibility for operators, meaning they can work safely and efficiently, similar to operating compact equipment. The HL955 TM increases productivity and safety on the rough terrain of busy commercial and residential earthmoving equipment sites.

    Versatile: Increase maneuverability and performance with this wheel loader rental, and equip a number of attachments such as an angle blade, pallet fork rack, rock bucket, and snow bucket to suit the needs of any project.


    Hyundai HL955 TM Wheel Loader Rental


    Operating Weight

    15,600 kg (34,390lbs.)

    Horse Power

    197 hp (147 kW) @ 2,200 rpm

    Dump Clearance

    9’4” (2.8m)

    Bucket Capacity (Heaped)

    2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3)

    Forward Speed

    38.5 km/h (23.9mph)

    Reverse Speed

    24.3km/h (15.1mph)


    What can you do with a

    Hyundai HL955 TM Wheel Loader Rental?

    • Load debris from construction sites into dump trucks
    • Heavy material handling
    • Backfill trenches
    • Prepare grounds for landscaping
    • Snow and sod removal
    • Clear land and load rubbish bins
    • Remove stumps from forestry or landscaping sites
    • Load pickup trucks, hoppers, and spreaders
    • Transport materials over long distances
    • Carry sand and gravel


    Q. What should I do when I receive my rental?

    As soon as your rental is delivered, we recommend taking photos of the exterior and cab for your records. Check out our tutorial video on how to take these photos before you start operating your equipment.

    Q. Will operating a wheel loader damage the ground of the site that I am on?

    The Hyundai HL 955TM has a high operating weight but will not damage hard ground surfaces such as pavement. However, this equipment is not recommended for soft surfaces or wet grass if you are concerned about site damage. If you need to completely minimize ground damage, consider renting a track loader instead.

    Q. Is it ok to take the HL955 TM loader on residential roads and highways?

    It is only ok to take this wheeled loader on a residential road or highway if you have the proper insurance to do so. Get a hold of your insurance provider and let them know you need to drive your Hyundai HL955 TM on the roads, and they will be able to provide you with the correct insurance policy to do so.

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    Additional information

    Operating Weight

    15,600 kg (34,390lbs.)