Fast delivery of equipment suitable for any landscaping application, including tracked machines that minimize site damage. Rent1 makes it easy.

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We know the earthmoving industry and offer the guaranteed lowest rate on the heavy equipment rentals you to get the job done right. Our tracked excavators and compact loaders are perfectly suited for landscaping projects on grass where site damage has to be minimal.


We also offer a variety of loading, grapple, and rake attachments that help with brush cutting, dirt removal, and hauling materials.


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Tracked Versus Wheeled Equipment: Which is Better for Landscapers?

Providing landscaping services for residential and commercial clients in British Columbia may require using large heavy equipment to do certain tasks. You’ll use a wheel excavator as a grader for golf courses, and to dig into the ground to add fencing, playground equipment or trees. A track loader can be used to place down gravel […]

Why Landscaping Never Goes Out of Style for Residential and Commercial Properties

When the spring and summer arrives, more people are out walking along the streets and neighborhoods in Vancouver to enjoy the beautiful weather. You’ll also probably notice people stopping to stare at the beautiful flower beds, trimmed hedges and manicured lawns in front yards of residential and commercial properties and living spaces. You must also […]

Common Landscaping Equipment Attachments and Uses

Performing landscaping upkeep for urban and rural parks requires having the right types of equipment on hand. While you may already have skid steers, track loaders and excavators to perform earthmoving projects, you want to also be able to do other tasks such as preparing gardens, clearing out brush and digging holes for fence posts. […]

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