Common Landscaping Equipment Attachments and Uses

Kubota SVL75 With Quick Claw Rake

Common Landscaping Equipment Attachments and Uses

Performing landscaping upkeep for urban and rural parks requires having the right types of equipment on hand. While you may already have skid steers, track loaders and excavators to perform earthmoving projects, you want to also be able to do other tasks such as preparing gardens, clearing out brush and digging holes for fence posts. Instead of buying separate machines, you can use equipment attachments.

Versatile Equipment Attachments to Complete Landscaping Projects

Track loader attachments, skid steer attachments and tractor attachments allow you to transform heavy equipment into smaller landscaping machinery. They are either attached to the front or back of the heavy equipment as the hydraulic system on the heavy equipment is used to power the attachments. Some common attachments for landscaping park spaces include:

Quick Tiller / Rotary Tiller for Skid Steer

A quick tiller looks similar to the rotary blades, or tines, on a smaller rototiller machine but are longer and wider in length. The blades move in a bidirectional rotation as they cut into the ground’s surface to dig into the earth, pulverizing the soil.

This type of attachment is often used when turning over the soil to plant seeds for a flower garden, small plants or seeds to create seedlings that will later be dug up and placed into pots or moved to other locations. This seeding equipment makes it easier to prepare the earth quickly in the spring after the last frost.

Quick Clear Grapple Rod Bucket

When you have stubborn roots that need to be pulled out of the ground, or you have to lift debris while letting the dirt fall back into place, a Quick Clear grapple rod bucket provides the strength to lift, pull and carry materials around the park space. It has metal teeth on the top of the attachment while the flat bottom consists of rods that are even spaced with points on the end. 

This equipment can be used as mini skid steer attachments to lift away unwanted debris and cut brush for simple spring park cleanup. It can grab broken up concrete and carry it to a dump truck, or even carry away large fallen tree limbs to be cut apart into logs.

Quick Claw Industrial Grapple Rake

A Quick Claw industrial grapple rake looks similar to the grapple rod bucket. Yet the main difference is that the bottom teeth are also curved instead of having a flat surface. Used as compact track loader attachments or on crawler loaders and skid steers, these grapple rakes can perform many of the same functions as a grapple rod bucket. In addition, the grapple rake can be used as a root rake or for back raking work to pile up brush.

Planetary Drive Auger

When needing to dig holes for a variety of park services, an important piece of forestry equipment is the planetary drive auger. These augers can be attached to either the front or the back of heavy equipment, much in the same way as an excavator auger, or even placed onto a compact tractor. Then the hydraulic system gives the attachment enough torque to dig into soil, compact earth, rocky conditions and even clay. You can use it to create holes for fence posts, to install building supports, or to plant trees.

Brush Cutter

A brush cutter is a mower attachment that can make quick work of any overgrown area in a park space. It can be attached to the front or back of the heavy equipment or compact tractors as you can get the grass cut to the required length by making specific adjustments. In addition to mowing the grass, it can also handle small scrub brush areas.

When it comes to maintaining state, public and commercial parks, having the right landscaping equipment can make the job faster and easier. When you are looking to planting equipment or general worksite equipment rentals, contact Rent1. We have a wide variety of construction landscaping heavy equipment on rubber tracks that minimize ground damage, as well as numerous attachments to complete landscaping and lawn and garden jobs.