Komatsu PC238USLC-11

Komatsu PC238USLC-11

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    Machine summary


    Komatsu’s PC238USLC-11 is up to 4% more productive than its predecessor, the PC238USLC-10, and we can attest to that. With highly improved engine performance due to its fan clutch, it reduces parasitic load remarkably. Plus, its new auto-idle shut-down feature curtails engine usage and operating costs, saving you time and money.

    There are a few similarities with the PC238USLC-10, like the tight tail swing radius making it convenient for working around obstacles, tight spaces, and even highway and utility applications. 

    You will also enjoy the machine’s molded cab profile and user-friendly sliding doors allowing the cab to swing within the same radius as the counterweight. What’s more, Komatsu’s PC238USLC-11’s counterweight offers an improved lift capacity compared to conventional models. 

    In terms of performance, we found it highly productive in the most demanding applications, including demolition, mining, excavation, and more. 

    Power:  This model is as powerful as it gets for your projects. It is powered by a 6.69-lited Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine with an imposing 167 net horsepower. Its engine engages Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), a diesel particulate filter (DPF), and Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). 

    Efficiency: While its counterweight remains standard, the PC238USLC-11’s lift capacity is equal to or better than conventional models in the same size class. A new engine and hydraulic control technology highly improves operational efficiency and increases productivity up to 4%. It also offers a quick response to the operator’s demands with its Closed-Center Load Sensing System (CLSS) for improved fuel efficiency. 

    Visibility:  The PC238USLC-11 offers a “bird’s eye view” thanks to its superb KomVision camera system and clear-cut images given by three cameras, giving the operator a general view of the machine from the inside of the cab. 

    Versatility: To increase production and efficiency, the PC238USLC-11 allows you to add a GPS. As for the operator, you get handy 12-volt power ports, a secondary engine shutdown switch, optional hydraulic control for one-way and two-way attachment flow, and more—making operation as practical and versatile as it gets. 

    Komatsu PC238USLC-11


    Operating Weight

    24,598 – 25,246kg (54,230 – 55,660 lbs)

    Horse Power

    165hp (123kW) @ 2,000rpm

    Max Forward Speed

    5.5 km/h (3.4 mph)

    Overall Width

    3180 mm (10’5”)

    Load Body Width

    Max Payload

    What can you do with a

    Komatsu PC238USLC-11 Excavator rental?

    • Road work
    • Underground utilities
    • Glide through obstacles
    • Excavation work
    • Demolition projects
    • Mining
    • Trench digging
    • Landscape grading


    Q. What should I do when I receive my rental?

    As soon as your Komatsu PC238USLC-11 rental is delivered, we recommend taking photos of the exterior and cab for your records. Check out our tutorial video on how to take these photos before you start operating your equipment.

    Q. What kind of insurance do I need for my excavator rental?

    Heavy equipment insurance is required on all rental products, no matter where they come from. Get a hold of your insurance provider and let them know you need heavy equipment insurance, which is sometimes called contractor equipment insurance, or fleet-truck insurance. Tell them that you’re renting a Komatsu PC238USLC-11 excavator and let them know how long you’re renting it for. They will likely be able to create a policy for you right away, or they can usually recommend a heavy equipment insurance provider in your area.

    Q. Where are you located and what are your working hours?

    Our rental yard is located in Langley, British Columbia, and our working hours are from 9:00am–6:00pm pacific standard time. Our head office is located in Vancouver.

    We provide quick delivery on all skid steer loader rentals, excavator rentals, compact excavator and mini excavator rentals, and compact track loader rentals throughout the Lower Mainland of Greater Vancouver. See our delivery rates and our daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates for more details.

    Don’t know how to operate a hydraulic excavator? Take advantage of our Rent1 safety training program! Learn about the uDig Experience to get proper safety training for operating heavy construction rental equipment and landscaping rental equipment.


    Product Info

    Komatsu PC238USLC-11


    Komatsu PC138

    Komatsu PC200LC 8

    Komatsu PC200LC-8

    Digging Depth21' 9" (6.62m)18’0" Feet (5.48m)17\'8 Feet
    Digging Reach32' 5" (9.875m)30’8” (9.34m)29\'1" Feet
    Weight24600 kg13480 kg-
    Overall Width10’1” (3.08m)8’2” (2.49m)10’1” (3.08m)
    Horse Power165 hp (123 kW) @ 2,000rpm96.6 hp (72.1 kW) @ 2,200rpm148 HP
    Lift Capacity-5,630 kg (12,420 lbs.)Up to 3,750 KG (8,200lb)

    Additional information

    Weight24600 kg
    Digging Depth

    21' 9" (6.62m)

    Digging Reach

    32' 5" (9.875m)


    24,600 kg (54,230 lbs.)

    Overall Width

    10’1” (3.08m)

    Horse Power

    165 hp (123 kW) @ 2,000rpm