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    Rent1’s Komatsu PC200LC-8 is a workhorse and the perfect machine for all medium-to-large excavation jobs. The PC200LC has a maximum operating weight of 20,629kg (45,480 lb.). If you need to rent an excavator today that will provide optimal performance and productivity for your construction project, then a Komatsu PC200LC with hydraulic thumb is a great choice. You can rent the Komatsu PC200LC hydraulic excavator with a thumb and hire an operator from Rent1 to get your job done quickly and professionally. If you need to rent a similar sized excavator (slightly heavier) with a near zero-tail swing profile, then try renting the Komatsu PC 228 USLC.

    The PC200LC-8 has a maximum digging depth of 17’8 and digging reach of  29’1″ feet, making it a versatile tool for all commercial, residential, or industrial earthmoving, demolition, basement excavation, and material handling projects. This excavator is demolition-ready: when you rent a Komatsu PC 200 LC-8 from Rent1, it will come equipped with full cab guarding and a hydraulic thumb. This heavy equipment rental features a conventional tail swing profile providing increased lift capacity over the sides and front. Renting a conventional swing excavator is perfect for your projects whether on roadways, bridges, urban areas, or anywhere space is limited.

    Power: The powerful turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine provides 110 kW 148 HP(net). With an over-front ground-level lift capacity of 3,750kg (8,200lb.), this hydraulic excavator offers high performance for all heavy material handling and dirt moving jobs.

    Efficiency: This excavator engine is EPA Tier 3 and EU stage 3A emissions certified, without sacrificing power or machine productivity. With a low emission engine, you’ll save costs on fuel and improve productivity on your job set with less fill-ups.

    Visibility: The PC200LC visibility features include an enlarged left-side mirror and additional rear and side-view mirrors to provide you with increased productivity and safety. KOMTRAX equipped excavator rentals will relay error codes, cautions, maintenance items, fuel levels, and much more.

    Versatile: With multiple attachment options such as heavy duty buckets, ditch cleaning buckets, and hammer attachments, the Komatsu PC200LC excavator is an extremely flexible construction tool that can handle most commercial construction jobs, industrial lawn and garden work, and material handling tasks.


    Komatsu PC200LC-8


    Digging Depth

    17’8″  Feet

    Digging Reach

    29’1″ Feet


    20,629 KG (45,480 lb)

    Overall Width

    10’1” (3.08m)

    Horse Power

    148 HP

    Lift Capacity

    Up to 3,750 KG (8,200lb)


    What can you do with a

    Komatsu PC200LC Excavator rental?

    • Larger commercial or residential structure demolition
    • Break up large areas of concrete with the hammer attachment
    • General utility trenches
    • Prepare grounds for landscaping or road building
    • Remove larger trees or stumps
    • Dig trenches for sewage pipes or electrical conduit
    • Backfill trenches
    • Basement excavation
    • Remove debris from construction sites
    • Load sand and gravel into dump trucks


    Q. What should I do when I receive my rental?

    As soon as your rental is delivered, we recommend taking photos of the exterior and cab for your records. Check out our tutorial video on how to take these photos before you start operating your equipment.

    Q. What kind of insurance do I need for my excavator rental?

    Heavy equipment insurance is required on all rental products, no matter where they come from. Get a hold of your insurance provider and let them know you need heavy equipment insurance, which is sometimes called contractor equipment insurance, or fleet-truck insurance. Tell them that you’re renting a Komatsu PC200LC-8 and let them know how long you’re renting it for. They will likely be able to create a policy for you right away, or they can usually recommend a heavy equipment insurance provider in your area.

    Q. What if I need maintenance on a machine while I’ve rented it?

    All our machines go through a thorough mechanical inspection before we ship them to your job site, so maintenance should never be a problem during your rental. In the rare circumstance where you do need maintenance, just call us at 604-359-6057 and we’ll send someone out to repair or replace the machine.

    We provide quick delivery on all skid steer rentals, excavator and mini-excavator rentals, and compact track loader rentals throughout the Lower Mainland of Greater Vancouver. See our delivery rates and our daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates for more details.

    Don’t know how to operate a hydraulic excavator? Take advantage of our Rent1 safety training program! Learn about the uDig Experience to get proper safety training for operating heavy construction rental equipment and landscaping rental equipment.


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    Overall Width

    10’1” (3.08m)